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Welcome to Paligremnos Beach Studios and Taverna at Plakias Crete.

The “Paligremnos” family business started out in 1978 with their taverna.

It is situated at the far end of Plakias, next to the beach road. The accommodation was added to the taverna in 1980, and just a short walk away from the town centre, can be found in the quiet part of Plakias.

Surrounded by trees, flowers and mountains, the “Paligremnos” offers a cool respite from the heat of the summer months.

Over the years, their excellent service has attracted thousands of visitors, and today, the “Paligrimnos” with its refurbished accommodation is an ideal choice for young and old alike.

Where to Stay?

Where to Eat?

We have accommodation for two, three or four persons with one or two rooms. All have air-condition, fully fitted kitchenette and bathroom en suite as well as a balcony with sea view.
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Next to the house there's a playground for kids.
For a good start into the day various breakfast is served at our taverna next to the garden. In the evening a selection of tasty home-cooked ...
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