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Paligremnos Studios & Taverna are located on the seafront in  the village of Plakias.

Plakias Bay and the  surrounding beaches offer the visitors an excellent choice for safe swimming and sunbathing areas, and have lifeguard stations . The beaches of Damnoni, Amoudi, Skinaria, and Souda, are all within easy distance of Plakias. There are also water sports available at Damnoni, and Plakias offers diving schools for those who may wish to learn to scuba dive.  For those who may not want to spend all day on the beach there  are also many beautiful walks that can be enjoyed in the outlying areas and villages.

There are 2 doctors, 2 chemists, 3 hairdressers numerous supermarkets and mini markets and tourist shops available in Plakias. If you wish to go on tours you can book tickets at the tourist offices. Car, motorbike and bicycles can also be hired from the Plakias restort. Plakias also offers boat trips to outlying beaches, and also a trip to Gavdos, a small island just of the Plakias coast. For those who like walking, there are many places to visit such as the famous Samaria Gorge. (At 18 kilometers, it is the longest gorge in Europe). Horse riding is available, and also Donkey rides to the nearby village of Mirthios.

The Restaurants and seafood tavernas along the sea front offer a wide variety of foods, and there are also cafeterias and fast food bars for those who prefer this type of food.